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SoulHenge™ Aromatic Cascade Cones

SoulHenge™ Aromatic Cascade Cones

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 Transformative Aroma for Your Space

The SoulHenge™ Aromatic Cascade Cones are a set of 20 backflow incense cones, designed to create a serene and fragrant atmosphere in any setting. Ideal for those who cherish the art of aromatherapy and the elegance of incense.

Backflow Design for Visual Appeal
Each cone is crafted to allow smoke to cascade down in a backflow manner, creating a mesmerizing visual effect while infusing your space with delightful scents.

Assorted Floral Fragrances
This pack includes a mix of the most popular floral scents like Lavender, Sandalwood, Aloes, and more, providing a variety of aromatic experiences to suit your mood and preferences.

Versatile Use
Perfect for enhancing the ambiance of your home, office, yoga studio, or cafe, these cones are also great for practices like meditation and writing. They add a decorative touch even when not lit.


Package Contents

  • 1 Pack of 20 SoulHenge™ Aromatic Cascade Cones




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