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SoulHenge™ Artisan Incense Crafting Kit

SoulHenge™ Artisan Incense Crafting Kit

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Craft Your Aromatic Bliss
The SoulHenge™ Artisan Incense Crafting Kit is a comprehensive set for DIY incense enthusiasts. Designed for durability and high-temperature resistance, this kit is perfect for creating custom incense blends for various spaces like tea rooms, temples, living rooms, and yoga studios.

Precision and Safety in Design
Each tool in the kit has undergone machine and manual double grinding, ensuring a smooth, tidy surface that is safe to handle and won't scratch your hands.

Complete Incense Making Experience
The kit includes:

  • Xiangzhuan mold (Diameter 4.5cm)
  • Gray pressure mold (Diameter 3.5cm)
  • Tower incense mold (Diameter 5cm, Height 4cm)
  • Incense ash
  • Tool bottle
  • Incense spoon
  • Incense shovel
  • Dust sweep
  • Tray (32x20x4cm)
  • Thuja powder (approx. 10g)
  • Sandalwood, red cypress, and agarwood powders (approx. 5g each)

Customizable to Your Needs
For those who require different combinations or additional items like more incense ash, thread incense, or extra tools, our customer service is ready to assist with personalized solutions and pricing.

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