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SoulHenge™ Buddha Harmony Bowl

SoulHenge™ Buddha Harmony Bowl

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Nepalese Artisanal Craft
Discover the serene soundscapes with the SoulHenge™ Buddha Harmony Bowl, a masterpiece handcrafted in Nepal. This Tibetan Singing Bowl is a fusion of tradition and musical therapy, perfect for enhancing meditation and rituals.

Copper Resonance
Made from high-quality copper, this singing bowl offers not just a rich visual appeal but also a deeply resonant chime. Its copper construction aids in producing soothing, long-lasting vibrations.

Music Therapy Essential
Ideal for sound healing sessions, the Buddha Harmony Bowl's tones facilitate relaxation and spiritual connection, making it a valuable tool for therapists and meditation practitioners.

Authentic Tibetan Design
This bowl carries the essence of Tibetan culture, offering a genuine experience of Buddhist practices. Its design and sound are rooted in centuries-old traditions.

Embrace the tranquil melodies of the SoulHenge™ Buddha Harmony Bowl, a symbol of peace and spiritual awakening.


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