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SoulHenge™ Ethereal Echoes Steel Tongue Drum

SoulHenge™ Ethereal Echoes Steel Tongue Drum

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Harmony in Every Note
Experience tranquility with the SoulHenge™ Steel Tongue Drum. Its 11 notes offer diverse, soothing sounds, perfect for music creation and meditation.

Ethereal Sound Quality
Designed for a serene sound experience, this drum is ideal for yoga and meditation, producing ethereal tones that promote calmness.


Versatile Use
This percussion instrument is versatile, allowing varied rhythms and sounds, suitable for various musical explorations.

Portable and Durable
Lightweight and robust, made from titanium steel alloy, it's perfect for on-the-go musicians and meditators.

Professionally tuned for clear, resonant music, its solid construction minimizes excess resonance.


  • Material: Carbon Steel
  • Types: 6 Inch, 11 Tones
  • Size: Diameter 15.24 cm, Height 8 cm


Package Includes

  • Steel Tongue Drum, Sticks, Carrying Bag, Music Score Sticker, Song Book





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