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SoulHenge™ Serene Harmony Tingsha Cymbals

SoulHenge™ Serene Harmony Tingsha Cymbals

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Sacred Sound, Profound Meaning
Immerse in the spiritual resonance of the SoulHenge™ Serene Harmony Tingsha Cymbals. Revered in Tibetan Buddhist practices, these small cymbals, joined by a leather strap, emit a clear, high-pitched tone when struck together. They are an integral part of Tibetan prayers, rituals, meditation, and healing ceremonies, known for their harmonic and lingering high-pitch sounds.

Travel-Friendly Design
Crafted with mindfulness for portability, these Tingsha Cymbals boast a delicate and compact size, making them ideal for travel. Despite their size, they produce a uniquely long and resonating ring, perfect for enhancing meditation, calming exercises, and mindfulness practices.

Deep and Healing Tones
These cymbals are not just instruments; they are a medium to deeper tranquility. They produce a beautiful spectrum of harmonic overtones, including deeper tones, that guide us into a state of awareness and inner peace.

The Gift of Serenity
Presented in a Tibetan cloth bag, these Tingsha Cymbals make for a thoughtful gift of love, peace, and happiness. Ideal for anyone engaged in yoga, meditation, sound therapy, or healing, they are a symbol of care and spiritual well-being.

Versatile Spiritual Tool
Suitable for a wide array of settings - from homes and offices to hotels and yoga studios - the SoulHenge™ Tingsha Cymbals are designed to inspire and enhance spiritual practices. Their profound sound and ease of use make them an essential addition to any meditation or zen practice space.

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