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SoulHenge™ Serenity Chime Bowl

SoulHenge™ Serenity Chime Bowl

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Nepalese Handcrafted Elegance
Immerse yourself in the calming aura of the SoulHenge™ Serenity Chime Bowl. Handmade in Nepal, this Tibetan Buddha Sound Bowl is a treasure for yoga and meditation enthusiasts, resonating with deep, soothing tones.

Brass Craftsmanship
Crafted from brass, this singing bowl is not just an instrument but a piece of art. Its intricate design and quality material make it a centerpiece for any meditative practice.

Versatile Use
Ideal for chanting, music therapy, and meditation, the SoulHenge™ bowl's melodious sound enhances mindfulness and spiritual well-being.


Handmade Leather Mallet
Each set includes a leather mallet, handcrafted from wood, ensuring a unique and authentic experience. The natural color variations add to its charm and authenticity.

Package Contents

  • 1 Buddha Sound Bowl
  • 1 Leather Mallet






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