Welcome to SoulHenge

At SoulHenge, we're more than a store; we're your companions on the journey to inner peace. Our carefully curated collection aims to bring harmony, balance, and a touch of serenity to your everyday life. Together, let's embrace the path of mindfulness and wellbeing.

How Can Our Products Enhance Your Mindfulness Practice?

At SoulHenge, our handcrafted items, from soothing incense to grounding crystals, are thoughtfully created to enhance your mindfulness experience. Each piece is designed to bring a sense of peace and presence, nurturing your journey towards deeper mindfulness and tranquility.

Creating a Mindful Ambiance with Backflow Incense Burners

1. Prepare a Calm Environment: Ensure the area is sheltered from breezes to fully experience the mesmerizing backflow effect.

2. Ignite with Care: Light the backflow incense cone's tip and wait for it to glow warmly, then gently extinguish the flame after a few seconds.

3. Savor the Aromatic Release: Let the cone smolder, filling your space with its soothing fragrance.

4. Position for the Magic: Place the incense cone atop your waterfall burner, aligning it over the hole. The captivating backflow smoke will begin to cascade down like a gentle stream within 30 seconds.

5. Aftercare for Freshness: Post-use, ensure to ventilate the area and clean the burner, maintaining a fresh and serene space.

Explore our diverse selection of backflow incense burners below: